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Melissia – Pro Golfer

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Heyyyy, Im Melissia . Im a professional golfer that played full time for 3 1/2 years. Due to an injury & various other reasons I stopped playing full time 2 years ago. I now own my own corporate golf company working for some high profile clients. I also do Pro/ams, golf challenges and play alot of celebrity & chairty golf events. I write for a couple or magazines and im currently trying to break into TV presenting. So you may be seeing a lot more of me ….

Im passionate, oppinionated, direct & competitive but I do have a soft side too 😉

Oh and sometimes you may see me posing Infront of a camera…

Hope you love what I post. Everything I write comes directly from myself & like I said im not afraid to express my oppinion.

Big Kiss

M x

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