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Alan Wilson (@AWPERFORMANCEPT) aka the-most-horrible-man-in-the-world

Yesterday Alan out through a session which can only be described as F***ing disgusting!

Here’s the session plan.


It’s was all designed around a 7min timed duration. Aiming to complete as many rounds as possible in 7mins.

This type of training is as much of a mental training session as it is physical.

Grabbing breathers in between exercises become increasing difficult. Therefore making the exercises more difficult. It is at this point your body is telling you to stop!!

Dig deep push on! Getting your head in the right frame of mind is one of the toughest battles. Your body is capable of doing amazing things once your heads is right for it! So always be positive and maintain focus even when your blowing out your arse and think your going to die!!

The purpose this session is to work beyond your comfort zone! Pushing yourself into new realms of fitness you didn’t think you could reach. Work as hard as you can for the time limit. Then make sure you take a really good long rest/recovery period before starting the next section. This will allow your body to calm down and reset itself back to its normal level and allowing all of your muscle to recover.

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  1. Morning Matt, your workouts seem a little scary for me tbh!! ?
    you are clearly well placed in fitness and rugby and if you have a minute I’d be delighted if you could have a look at Phytosport by Arbonne International, have a look on you tube search Phytosport and please let me know if you would be interested in trialing
    Thank you

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