Saturday , 14 May 2022
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Get the unqiue nutrition based articles from competeing atheletes from a wide range of disiplines.

Do top level sportsmen carry the natural assets to achieve at any sport?

So, let me start by apologizing for such a lengthy delay since our last update. The team have been researching, trailing, dreaming about exciting new concepts to bring you. The one we have been most excited about is the idea that all top level athletes share the same common feature. ...

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Beef & chicken casserole #tasty #low carb

  Beef & chicken casserole: SERVES 4 portions (freezable) Meat:  500g stewing beef 250g chicken sausage Veg & spices: Diced onion Diced carrot Diced celery Chopped garlic Button mushrooms Thyme Rosemary Parsley Oregano 1 bay leaf How to cook?  Fry off beef and sausages in a pan and remove to one ...

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Magnesium- are you getting enough?!?!?

Magnesium, and why you need it!  Magnesium is important for more than 300 chemical reactions in the human body! The standard UK diet is very low in magnesium and high in refined carbohydrates which will increase the need for this vital mineral. If you have sugar cravings, are stressed out ...

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