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DAY 1/60… food for thought.

11218794_985813231456485_4602398895283592299_n 11988319_985813204789821_7943413816128866788_n 10247230_985813254789816_7556274196302434933_n 16b486812a7e1b1d355c7c849f0922a8I drove back from Birmingham late last night so this morning when my alarm went off at 8am for my first session back i was rather scared about hitting it hard. My trainer doesn’t like to be gentle and he knows i have to be pushed or i get complacent.

I had some greek yoghurt before i went because i do like to do a fasted workout in the Morning. When i got there it was as expected.BRUTAL.

I did 3 sets of 10 precepts, sit-ups and squats and had to run between each set. ughhhhhh i was dripping with sweat.

I then did some prowler…which was horrendous and i felt like i was going to be sick!!! thank god i wasn’t. I did some chin ups with a resistance band. Not quite strong enough yet to do them by myself but as i said before i have set myself a goal and i think i can do it.

I finished with some AB work and then drove home almost crying. I had a 3 egg omelette and some brown rice followed by some muesli. I LOVE cereal so that is my equivalent yet not as tasty as coco pops.

I will go back to the gym tonight and do some sprint intervals and some back work.


My workout tracks today were-

Fetty-trap queen

The weekend- the hills

Ciara- Ride

Drake- jungle & energy



My current weight is 56KG .



I am going to have  a power nap before i eat and gym.BORING


Big kiss




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