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Day2/60 and it’s getting tough!

image imageSo… I woke up unable to move this morning. My whole body especially my ass ached!! I did a double session yesterday and didn’t realise just how much I had done on my bum!!! In golf glutes are really important for hitting the ball a long way and creating power. If you activate your glutes and abs together your on to a winner.

I did a session this morning which consisted of working on my back and my arms. I did some pull down lat work and some bicep curls. I had a go at this big weighted thing I had to pull towards me too. 60kg… I didn’t get any pictures as it wasn’t the most attractive excersise to do and I find being vocal really helps me. ( the others in the gym didn’t agree)



I ate good today starting my day with fasted work. When I got home I had some nuts and rice (not together) then had a 3 egg omlette followed by some chicken and ham. I drank water but I did have a rich tea biscuit and a sip of juice. Couldn’t resist. I felt so bad I went back to the gym at 7 and did some cardio. I ran for 20 minutes then left …



My mum gave me a 20 minute massage on my back to loosen my shoulder which is a recurring injury of mine , I had a bath & got into bed to write some articles for the golf magazine YOUR CADDY I work for .


I am going to rest up tonight & kill it at 9am tomorrow!

GGoodnight ❤️❤️❤️

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