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Diaries of a Powerlifter

So all things GymChat means I can talk about my favourite thang…


I’m looking to compete in October, and then again in January, now I’ve been plagued by illness, chemotherapy treatment issues and sodding injury since July, so unfortunately my numbers have dropped off whilst I’ve been sorting my body out.

One thing ive learnt recently is that I don’t invest enough in myself, and I don’t mean a new pair of sneaks from time to time, I mean soft tissue work, physio for when I need it, actually taking the time out to give me some “me time”  as powerlifting beats you up!

So after my lower back going I’ve had to regress my numbers slightly and gently increase them ever so slowly and see how my body reacts to the increase in weight. Hopefully not ending up like a sack of skin and bones under the bar!

I’ve also noticed I feel completely out of the groove technique wise on my Deadlifts and skwaaats and for the first time my injury is playing with my head. The whole time I’m thinking about the injury rather than my movement during the lift, im 34, and I now realise that I am no longer made from rubber and magic anymore! Unfortunately…..

So my sessions have been low on volume, but a lot higher in frequency, more time under the bar, more practice, more adaptation for my body, more bang for ones buck.

With this ive noticed ive dropped a tad bit of weight also, so although it’s not a major concern my weight dropping again will have an effect on my strength and performance, so as long as i keep my nutrition on point this weight loss should effect things to much nor continue, but…. Ive been working like a trojan recently and i have skipped one or ten meals here and there, so prepping my food needs to be a bigger priority moving forward.

My session the videos is as follows

Squat ::

190kg x 1
170kg x 3

Pause Bench ::

128kg x 1 (white plates are 0.5kg)

105kg 3 x 5 (not shown)

I Squat and bench 5 times a week along with a variation of deadlifts most times five times a week also, different loads intensities and volume, its not heavy every day.

In the video you can clearly see squat wise with timings are just not there and even my decents are just not as smooth and controlled as they need to be.

Two weeks time i fully hope to back up to my squat pb of 210kg and Deadlift of 250kg

Bench currently is great, this is arguably my better lift at the moment, so I’m praying i suffer no elbow tendinitis again…

Anyway, thats all folks

Love peace and afro grease


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