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Go hard or go home!!

This week has been a crazy one for me. Ive been up & down the m6 to London and back and I found my gym routine slipping a little bit. I want to tell you all a little bit about my journey in the gym & my love hate relationship with losing weight and getting fit. I have always been bigger than average. I have always loved food Aswell. Through school i was told it was puppy fat and I guess I never really cared too much as I was too busy playing my golf. I was very lonely as a teenager- I got bullied quite a bit in school for being chubby & the boys never paid me any attention. When I left school I was always a size 10/12 but always had a belly on me. A pretty face and I could easily cover it with my clothes. Deep down I dreamed of having the perfect body . ” you have such a pretty face if you were skinny you would be amazing” a guy I was dating told me. That shit hurts when your 18. I still carried on eating my way through chocolate and pasta . Bread was my favourite and I never went to the gym I thought hitting golf balls was enough. I got a long term boyfriend 2 years ago and he also loved eating his food. I eventually without knowing it became the biggest ive been. When he finised with me I realised I need to do something about it. I wasn’t golfing anymore, I was single & I felt discusting. It was for me no one else.

I first contacted Matt when we both went to the same gym & I was lucky at the time I was earning really good money working full time. I met him in July2014 and I started slowly getting the body I wanted. I trained every morning at 6am (he loved that) before work and after work I would go to the gym myself. It became a lifestyle to me. I did NO cardio I did weight training and circuits and I couldn’t believe it after 3/4 weeks when I couldn’t tell any difference. I never told matty this but I felt worse than before. I felt big and muscly …

I realised I had to change my whole lifestyle to succeed at this. I had to eat better. I cut out carbs completely for 4 weeks and didn’t touch anything fat or sugar based. I lived off meat , fish and veg. It was so boring but I started noticing a difference.

My best friend only noticed a real difference im January this year. Before that I guess I still looked the same. I look at pictures before and now and realise in a year how far I have come.

People moan all the time that they want to loose weight but you only do it if you want to…. I didn’t want to be fat I wanted to be fit. Strong is so sexy.

I am still in the gym every day & im lucky now I can have the odd couple days where I’ll indulge in what I want… If I do I just train every harder the next day ..

Nobody understands the commitment to a diet you have to give. All these fad diets are nothing compared to the real thing.

So  what exactly did I do… To get from fat to fit… And how has it improved my golf???

I shall share that in my next post.  Right now i’m on my way to the gym, looking at this post thinking that I want it even more than ever right now ….


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