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Liam Dooley – The Man

Liam Dooley

I’m Liam Dooley, I am a 21 Year Old MMA fighter, currently fighting out of 12Gauge MMA.

I’ve been involved in MMA off and on since I was 16. In the past I’ve competed in other sports, such as RugbyUnion, Boxing, High Board Diving and Gymnastics.
I decided to start MMA after I played on the XBox game “UFC Undisputed 2010”, and I thought it’d be awesome to become one of them “Badass Cage Fighters”.

I had my first MMA fight when I was 17. From then I’ve had a number of fights some which have been wins, some losses and a couple of draws (a number of them are on YouTube). For a couple of years I found myself being off and on with the sport, simply because Ive found it hard to fully commit myself when there’s so many other things going on in life, like work etc. (it’s almost impossible to go anywhere in MMA, if you don’t fully commit). However I’m currently putting myself through full time training and looking to make a full career out of the sport whilst I’m still young.

My MMA training consists of Wrestlimg, BJJ, Boxing and Muay Thai, but my main obsession has been my Strength & Conditioning. My biggest fear in MMA is not of losing, but losing because of giving up on myself due to my body not being able to stand the intensity. I try to use my Cardio as a weapon on my opponents, to try and push a fast fight pace that my opponent won’t be able to keep up with.
My S&C involves Olympic Lifting, plyometric training, heavy functional training and a lot of gruelling cardio work. I often post videos of my S&C on Instagram and Facebook, I first did it to promote myself but now I just post them because I’m a bit of a show off.

I plan to stay in the MMA game for at least another 10 years, putting full commitment into my training and seeing how far I can go on this journey. Comparing from what Ive experienced so far in MMA to what I am yet to learn and attain in the future, I’d definitely class myself as just a beginner in the sport. I know it’s not going to be an easy straight road, but I look forward to the challenges that wait ahead.

Liam Dooley
Liam Dooley

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