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Magnesium- are you getting enough?!?!?

Magnesium, and why you need it! 

Magnesium is important for more than 300 chemical reactions in the human body!

The standard UK diet is very low in magnesium and high in refined carbohydrates which will increase the need for this vital mineral. If you have sugar cravings, are stressed out and or have low energy there is a good chance you need more magnesium. One of the reasons you need more magnesium is that human body cannot make magnesium so it is vital to supply it everyday in adequate amounts.

Reasons You Need More Magnesium!

1. If we do not eat enough magnesium our muscles can become over-activated causing cramps, spasms and soreness. OUCH! L

2. A lack of magnesium can cause fatigue, which can limit our endurance and training potential.

3. Magnesium helps regulate healthy blood flow for heart health and clot prevention.

4. When you think of magnesium, think strong muscles!! Magnesium and amino acids work together to create a toned physique. Every muscle contraction needs magnesium to happen so if we eat foods that have this mineral our metabolisms will speed up.

5. Magnesium can help balance blood sugar and reduce carbohydrate cravings.

6. Anxiety and depression can be positively influenced by proper levels of magnesium. #happy

7. Magnesium helps the smooth muscles in the digestive tract work properly and promotes regularity. It is also helpful for the formation of digestive enzymes and stomach acid production needed to break down food.

8. Magnesium can really help people with headaches and migraines because it allows nerves to relax. This also aids in sleep zzzzzzzzzzz….

9. Magnesium helps to balance healthy levels of cholesterol and bring down high triglycerides, which are caused by eating too much starch and sugar.

10. Magnesium is vital for relief of painful periods, bloating and cramps. Women take note!

Good food sources of magnesium are:

>Leafy greens

>Crunchy greens

> Cashews, almonds

>Seeds- sunflower, flax, pumpkin

> Green beans

> Seaweed

> Wild salmon, halibut, sardines

> Avocados


How much do you need?

Experts agree adults need about 400-800 mg a day. It is important to get as much as you can in your diet from food and then add more if you are dealing with stress, muscle soreness, fatigue, sugar cravings, headaches, PMS, or digestive problems.

That means basically everyone needs some supplemental magnesium!!

So, go get some now!

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