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Rugby 7s – Big Week Required!

Having had a pretty turbulent couple of weeks where training hasn’t gone as scheduled. This week I have ensured that my diary allows me to train for at least 45mins a day.

It must be said though. Although I haven’t done as much as I have wanted to over the last few weeks. What I have done seems to be paying off. Playing for Macclesfield at full back this weekend felt a lot easier (physically) than in previous weeks. My fitness levels seem to have improved and I even felt like my speed and agility were better.

Testament to the fact that less is sometimes more.

This weeks training schedule is broken into 7 sessions.

2 of which are down at the rugby club with the team.

5 sessions in the gym. 2 conditioning, 3 weights.

Conditioning this week is all about 7 min circuits with aerobic work and anaerobic work integrated into a full on, horrible, lactic threshold, vomit inducing circuit from hell. 3 mins rest then do it all over again. I will post the session break downs once I have completed them!

Weights this week is all about strength. Going for big overhead presses, squats and pull ups! (My least favourite exercise ever)

5 sets of 5 reps with max weight. This will be supplemented with some additional isolated exercises that most benefit the focal exercise.
Again… I will post the full session break down once it had been completed.

Looking forward to smashing the training this week!!

Wish me luck!

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