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Explosive Power
Explosive Power

Rugby 7s – Explosive power and footwork

This afternoon Alan and I ran through a very dynamic explosive power session. This is no way need as intense as the conditioning session from Monday but still very relevant to my needs for 7s.

The nature of the session today was to get quality work, not just balls out fitness! This meant that my work load was short but had to be of maximum effort.

The session ran as follow –

34″ box jump into depth jump x10 (ss) Med ball Transfer Press ups x10 – 6 sets

SAQ ladders with down and ups repeat for 60secs – 4 sets

Earthquake Squats ( my new favourite exercise) 40kg with elastic bands and a 20kg kettle bell hanging from either side. 8 reps – 4 sets

Weighted box jumps 40kg bar 24″ box. 8 reps – 4 sets.

and Finally –

40kg bench press throw x8 (ss) clap press ups x5 – 4 sets.

Some of the exercises in this session I haven’t done before but all of them have a huge relevance to my conditioning.

Box jumps and depth jumps are all maximal effort jumps from varied starting positions aimed at generating power from a number of different stances and angles , really good for explosive acceleration and direction changes when running.

SAQ ladders are designed to improve foot speed across the floor and also to increase the speed and stability of any directional changes made while playing.

Earthquake  squats are a new found love of mine. normal squats although they may get heavy, they are very stable and have little to no variables. Earthquake squats are different as they involve strapping a kettlebell to the bar via a elasticated band. This means that as you perform the exercise the movement becomes unstable and increases the amount of work the muscles have to do. A fantastic exercise but should only be done under supervision of a professional trainer.

Weighted box jumps, very similar principles to the box jumps done at the start of the session only with the added weight of a 40kg bar. This increases the workload placed on the legs and also the power output from the muscles enabling the muscle to be overloaded and increase in maximal power output.

And last but by no means least… the bench press throw.

This comes with a huge health and safety badge.

Using a regular bench press bar lie on the floor, pushing the bar in the normall bench fashion however using enough power to physically throw the bar into the air before catching it and repeating the exercise. This is supersetted with clap press ups which is also a power based move and very fatiguing after bench press.

These 2 exercise are all about upper body pushing power. Mainly focusing on a hand off fend. Aimed to increase my arm power to maximise the force of my fend .

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