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Rugby Feast
Rugby Feast

Rugby 7s – Nutrition update

Food has been going really well. I’ve been sticking to my breakdown as closely as I can. There have been a few slips along the way. Went out for dinner to a lovely Turkish restaurant this weekend with some friends and may have got a little drunk! Ok, a lot drunk!!

This meant I had a bit of a bad day food wise on Sunday, giving into the temptations of sugar and carbs!

However, I now have no further nights out planned, and I’m aiming to stay off the booze until after the trials.

Now its Monday and I feel like an actually human again, my eating is back on track having shaken off the weekends hangover I am back in attack mode and more determined than ever.

I have 2 weeks left following the current breakdown before Lee and I (@Allen11L) sit down and assess the numbers as I want to drop another 3-5kg before the day of the trials!

Wish me luck, I think I’m going to need it!!

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