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Rugby 7s Nutritional Plan

During my training plan I will be following a pretty strict nutrition plan, put together for me by Lee Allen (PT @ Fit4Less in cheadle – tweet – @Allen11L)

This is the breakdown of my daily intake.

It is based around a high protein, high fat, low carb daily split. This is promote lean muscle growth, cut down body fat and improve recovery rate to aid the training programme I will be following.

I will be taking protein and fat with every meal. While my carbs will be taken post training and in the evening to allow my body to utilise the energy they provide and also replenish my bodies glycogen stores ready for the following days training.

I am hoping to maintain my current body weight while shredding body fat and gaining some lean muscle.

I will post progress pictures and reports every 3-4 weeks to see how I’m getting along.

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