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Rugby Power
Rugby Power

Rugby 7s – Power & Endurance

After having a long discussion with my coaches, we decided that anaerobic conditioning and power endurance should be my main focus on a Monday.

Strength is on a Tuesday morning before rugby training at Macclesfield RUFC Tuesday evening.

Wednesday is all about speed and agility.

Thursday is a recovery morning with light weights, stretching and foam rolling. Before training with Macc again in the evening.

Friday is a rest befoe playing on a Saturday.

Sunday is rest/recovery to try and get my body ready to go again on Monday!

Did my 1st session with Alan yesterday. Focus was on Power Endurance. 

Here’s the sessions he put me through. A1-A5 as one big circuit set all done as fast as possible. (Cleans @40kg  prowler @40kg). Then a 3 min rest and repeat. X5! My quads were next to usless by the end of each round and recovery time seemed to disappear very quickly.

However, I made it through without throwing up!!

Set 2, was rope slams with press ups at 15sec intervals followed by 6x 150kg tyre flips. This wasn’t as bad. However my legs were very tired from set 1 which increased the demand which meant I was seriously blowing at the end of it!

Great to get off the mark with some solid conditioning. Felt great after!

Legs are feeling a bit heavy today but not too bad. Will see how they hold up at training tonight. I’ve attached some very short video clips of each of the exercises that I did yesterday.

Please give me a shout via twitter – mattor22 – if you have any questions or inquiries about any of the training/nutrition that I am doing over the next few months.

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