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Rugby 7s – Training update

This has been a very busy week this week with work and training so I haven’t had time to sit down and write up my progress.

Last week I had the undeniable pleasure of training with Ash Flood (@ashleyFloodPT). His main focus was to deliver a session that improved my bodies ability to perform whilst suffering from Oxygen Debt. This is when you cant get enough oxygen into your lungs to allow your muscles to perform at their peak.

He did this through the means of KettleBells!!

Putting me through a progressive circuit set. This consisted of 10 Kettlebell exercises performed in a predetermined sequence.

The exercises were as follows…

<br />

The way it works is you do:-

Ex 1, rest

Ex 1&2, rest

1,2,3 rest

1,2,3,4,rest etc all the way through to 1-10. He then put me against the clock to see how quickly I could get through ex 1-10. 6:53 mins which I thought was a valid effort as my legs wouldn’t work properly and I was breathing really hard by the end.

With my work schedule dictating the rest of my week, I only managed to squeeze a 30 mins circuit session in with Faye Tomlinson (@fasoja) on Thursday morning. This was 10 exercises 3 rounds. 1st round – each exercise for 60 secs. 2nd round – each exercise for 40secs and the 3rd round – each exercise for 20secs.

After the session on Tuesday  and a busy Wednesday I really wasn’t on top form, but with some words of encouragement from the team we cracked on and nailed what was a short, sharp and intense 30 mins.

Heres the exercises we chose…


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