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Speed and acceleration

As i have recently been playing rugby 7s it has been brought to my attention that I am not as fast as i once was.

I have decided to spend a large portion of my training focusing on improving my speed especially my acceleration.

With the help of Mike Carolan, a fellow GymChat writer, he is putting me through a series of drills aimed at improving my foot contact with the floor and also increasing the speed at which my feet move.
With these drills it is all about how quickly can you move your feet and how many times you can get your feet to hit the floor over a short distance.

We then worked on straight line acceleration utilising the aspects of the drill in the previous video.

It is a work in progress. But I feel like I’m making headway with it. Will be doing another session with Mike next week focusing on my top speed and how to maintain it over a longer distance.

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