Monday , 16 May 2022
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Hey hey, only me… back from a week in London and lots of exciting things going on.

So I have decided to set myself a 60 day challenge.

I have been slacking in the gym and eating rubbish. So I have decided I want to get back with my amazing PT and kick some ass. No more pizza, maltesers and Nando’s. Clean, lean, strong & sexy is what I’m aiming for. I am going to work twice a day in the gym 6 days a week and try to cut sugar and fat out of my diet. Replacing it with protein and good carbs.

I have 3 things I want to focus on:

5 unassisted chin ups

6 squats at 80kg

50 press ups

So…. I am ready to challenge my mind, body and soul. I will put everything I have into it.

Every day I will let you know my progress and how fasted cardio and heavy weights will get me lean, ripped up and help me hit the golf ball further.



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