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The Deadlift, The Ego Lift, The Nightmare Lift.

So I’m back again to talk quickly about ‘the deadlift’

Odd saying that, as to be fair i can spend days and weeks talking about the deadlift and even longer teaching it and even longer having someone tweak mine as I’m constantly chasing perfection with it, to no avail…..

Why to no avail?!

The problem i find is people, gym folk the ‘bro scientists and the keyboard warriors, will tell you deads are bad for your back, or its an ego lift, its a back exercises (my personal favourite description)

Its not unless you appreciate what a deadlift is or what it does can you tried appreciate what it can give you.

Granted deadlifts ain’t for everyone, why have a 50yr old women doing them when her goal is fat loss?  Or someone who deadlift just isn’t applicable to them or the particular wants and targets.

However, for those wanting explosive power, speed, strength in my opinion a deadlift is a must in your programming (health or injury allowing)

So, you can’t do deadlifts because of your back Hmmm… Ok.. You’re doing it WRONG its as simple as it gets.

You probably don’t squat either as you’ve got bad knees, but you’re all over a leg press, am I right, i am aren’t i ?

The deadlift isn’t a back exercise its the most demanding full bodied movement there is, muscles incorporated? too many for me to list, so id suggest taking a small peek at the picture ive attached, wow a back exercise… Please.  Yes we use the back, as well EVERY OTHER MUSCLE ever created by the aliens that made us!! Oops.. Less about my life beliefs..

Ok second short point.

A book will tell you how to ideally deadlift, i can completely understand that, however, are you the same body structure as that toned young sexy women in the pictures or videos, or the screaming Powerlifting gorilla in the videos?

Chances are, er no….. Not one bit.

Our bodies are different, our levers are all different, ie arm length, torso length, have you got t-rex arm, or huge gangly arms? Long legs or legs that finish at the knee?

Exactly, you’re different, so you will always have to deadlift differently depending your mechanics, this is where a good coach or trainer comes in failing that, video yourself lifting and see what your body type is and get someone to look it over for you.

What it says in a book and ‘dat perfect form bro’ isn’t what you should be doing or trying to emulate, what you’re trying to achieve is lift that is as efficient as possible and for you and your mechanics, the deadlift is in my opinion the most technically demanding lift there is, its an absolute nightmare of a lift, and it quite simply beats you up, but its so freakin awesome!

See the picture i have attached as it will show you very *basically* the different positions needed in the deadlift set up depending on certain body types.

Now that’s all for now, as admittedly i have no life and i could write about this until you get bored, as i wont get bored… Ever… Seriously, test me..

Until next time.

Train hard But Train smart!




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