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Do top level sportsmen carry the natural assets to achieve at any sport?

So, let me start by apologizing for such a lengthy delay since our last update. The team have been researching, trailing, dreaming about exciting new concepts to bring you.

The one we have been most excited about is the idea that all top level athletes share the same common feature.

They posses enough mental, physical, emotional traits to perform at the top level in ANY sport. not just the one they ply their trade in.

BN-KK318_boxing_G_20150921153643We plan on putting this to the test.

Our very own International Rugby 7s player, Matt O’Regan (mattor22) has been set the challenge to convert himself from an international rugby player into a competitive boxer. Not only will he change the way he trains, the way he eats, the way he goes about his day to day training. The final piece of the puzzle will see him compete in a full 12 round boxing match after just 12 weeks of training.

Lets set the scene…..12479120_187126814980047_1935943453_a
Matt has never done any boxing, other than a few rugby training sessions designed to toughen up the weaklings!

He will be starting from scratch and aims to prove that his natural sporting ability can cross codes and help him achieve success in a different sport than the one that has served him so well throughout his career.

Follow his progress here. Don’t miss a punch!!

Feel free to tweet him messages or follow him on Instagram for updates! (mattor22)

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