Monday , 16 May 2022
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Training Breakdown

Tomorrow I sit down with my coaches to discuss my training programme structure for the next 8 weeks
My main focus points are going to be anaerobic endurance, speed and agility and power. My strength is pretty good and will improve as a bye product of the power training that will take the main weights focus.
I will be aiming to cycle my training to help me peak at the point of game day on a Saturday. Rotating the programmes on a daily basis to allow my body to recover in order for me to get the absolute most out of my sessions.
Tomorrow will start with a fitness test to see what my starting place is this will consist on the RFU anaerobic fitness test, 5,10,5 speed test and a 30m and 60m sprint test.
see the links for test breakdown.
anaerobic test as a back
5-10-5 agility

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